Impose Magazine Premieres A.U.R.A’s Debut Single “G.I Wonder”

Impose Magazine have just premiered the first single G.I Wonder from the latest addition to our Cosmic family, A.U.R.A. The single, which is about the bewilderment of young love, is the first release from A.U.R.A’s upcoming album Secret Intelligent Light.

Mikolaj’s vocal patterns are out of this world, as they are highly memorable in the first thirty seconds of the song. “G.I. Wonder” is enthralling because we can’t hear a continuous genre being played, it’s like a huge mix up of world and pop music with hints of indie rock with a bit of folk, which we think is unique. “G.I. Wonder” will leave you breathless.

You can read the full article here.
You can listen to G.I Wonder here.