Raj and the 100’s ”No Way” Video

Even though the project of Raj and the 100s is inherently ambitious as a very long form effort, it also provides a unique experience of selective narrative. Acting as a sort of ‘’Best of the 100’’, the eight tracks soundtracking the video directed by Andy Byers form the narrative backbone of the entire album, which tells a journey that is as universal as it is personal. Track number two of the eight is ‘’No Way’’. If the narrative unfolding through all the tracks is seen as a process of growing up, it’s only natural that falling in love is one of the earliest steps. Playing over a very dance driven segment, the song speaks of the sweet helplessness of falling head over heals in love. Almost as a conscious surrender, ‘’No Way’’ speaks of the most naive and untamed version of love, one that’s driven by pure bewilderment.