RF Shannon releases Jaguar Palace

Our latest signing, RF Shannon, have released their debut album Jaguar Palace, now available on all streaming platforms and digital retailers, as well as on 12” Vinyl via our Cosmic Dreamer Store.

Praise for Jaguar Palace:

“RF Shannon’s new album, Jaguar Palace, sits somewhere in a triangulation of Pink Floyd’s mellow psyche-ambiance, My Bloody Valentine’s exquisite lushness and Neil Young’s rootsy-but-still-experimental Americana.” Exclaim

“Like the larger than life scenery he draws from, Renfro writes songs that slowly expand into sprawling sonic landscapes full of emotion and wide-eyed wonder.” KUTX Austin

“He was funneling his country slides through a desert mysticism—beautifully, too…” NOISEY

“The whole thing sounds as though it’s coming to you through a layer of thick smoke; the guitars squall slowly and epically, while the vocals are drenched in reverb.” Austin Town Hall

“Through earthy soundscapes and slowly painted canvasses, the group knit and weave loosely structured layers and tellingly poignant moods into an album of evocative self-exploration.” Gold Flake Paint

“This album shares the dream state quality of something like Mazzy Star or Brightblack Morning Light; you find yourself listening for sounds outside of the speakers, looking out the window.” Houston Free Press

“Immersive and intimate yet somehow strangely remote, this is a lost radio transmission from the damp, deep caverns of the human spirit…” Austin Monthly