The Dan Ryan Back in the Studio

This month The Dan Ryan has traded in the keys to his makeshift bedroom recording studio. Over the past few months he’s been working on new material for the follow up to his brilliantly hazy and noise-filled debut. Interested in utilizing the studio as a sound instrument rather than a means to an end, he’s booked for a few days at the warm and cozy Austin, Texas recording studio, Good Danny’s . It is home to a plethora of vintage microphones, drum kits of all shape and sound and a wall of keyboards that could eat up half a day if you decided to try them all. With a front porch to enjoy the afternoon coffee after a good take, the studio has all the comforts of home with the gear to make a killer sounding record. Members of the Austin, Texas desert blues-psych outfit RF Shannon accompany Dixey this time around to create The Dan Ryan’s next batch of colorful, wandering and soul demanding tracks. Check out Filthy Lungs on our productions page from The Dan Ryan LP coming out in March 2016.

Photos taken by the incredibly talented Lucas Oswald, who is also running the boards at Good Danny’s as the engineer. Cosmic Dreamer couldn’t be more excited to have such an amazing team together to help Nathan create his music.