Allelujah – “Chariots on Fire” Video Premiere on The Big Takeover

We are excited to share the video premiere for Hallelujah’s Chariots on Fire, which premiered today on The Big Takeover.  The video is another expressive creation by musician and artist Andy Byers. For any fan of the Green Porno series it’s the closest thing that Byers has created since that project. It also features a beautiful musical interlude by John Vanderslice.

Here’s what The Big Takeover had to say:

Allelujah is a project conceived by Andy Byers of Minus Story and Shearwater’s Lucas Oswald, who released the album The Death and Life of Capt. Nathan Baker recently on Cosmic Dreamer Music. On the LP, they blend poetry and gospel anthems to tell the spiritual journey of a civil war captain.

Following a few albums with the experimental noise-pop band Minus Story and several years of touring, Byers relocated to New York where he worked in film as a production designer and composer for a number of projects, including being a critical part of Isabella Rossellini’s series Green Porno and also Seduce Me.

After that, Andy moved to LA where he rediscovered his passion for songwriting. He started to trade ideas with Shearwater’s Oswald, and during a week long writing session in Los Angeles the two of them had outlined the basic concept for Allelujah’s The Death and Life of Capt Nathan Baker.

The video for the enigmatic track “Chariots on Fire”, which The Big Takeover premieres here, includes works created by Byers and Rossellini when the two worked together for almost a decade making over 30 short films and 2 features. Also making an appearance is a gifted black skull from Sean Lennon from when Byers worked as production designer and art director for the Ghost of a Sabertooth Tiger video for “Animals”.

Watch the video here!